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Trying to rebuild old/new alliance

Zeke_the_XbotZeke_the_Xbot Posts: 202
edited August 2017 in Alliance Recruitment
Looking for anyone who is highly active and wants to grow their account.
Must be able to field enough champs for AQ and AW running at the same time.
LINE App required.
AW is a low tier so pretty easy wins.

Interested? leave a comment here, or message me in game IGN: Zeke the Xbot or on Line at id: zekethexbot.


  • BreybreyBreybrey Posts: 39
    How many guys do you have? Potential merger of you have approximately 10?
    Line id:breynolds11
  • Nah only 2 wanted to try and build up a new alliance though. Take a breather from higher tier AW as well. Still want to reach Map 5 capability though
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