So this is pretty mental now...


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    RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,900 ★★★★★
    Yes. Yes that is
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    Apollo107Apollo107 Posts: 104

    Yes. Yes that is

    @Rockypantherx the account is 4 months old now
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    Mqc19Mqc19 Posts: 370 ★★★
    See this is why I shake my head at new players. Imagine a world that you could only pull 3 & 4 stars and be forced to attempt content through act four. Fast forward to an 5* r4 was the highest you can rank a champ and enter act 5.

    Point is if you haven’t been playing for years and years there shouldn’t be any complaining about not getting ‘good’ champs to complete content. Not hating on the guy who posted this - great luck there.

    Just saying I’m an end game player w 11k + prestige that fought through long periods of time when there were little to little to no options for things like coldsnap, and other debuffs/nodes. Wish these forums weren’t so congested w people moaning about crystal pulls. The odds suck but thats the game.

    In short - Pray you get lucky and if not keep grinding.

    Congrats on those pulls apollo.
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