where is 5star Joe FIx?



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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    Joe Fixit is better than a third of the garbage in the new 6* crystal ... #WeWantFixit

    I would legitimately be happier to pull 6* Fixit than half of what’s in the 6* crystal.
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    Can a moderator unsubscribe me from this thread?
    I don't want to receive new notifications anymore about this argument, please!

    Consider it a desperate request
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    So Kabam where is 5star Joe Fixit?
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    Foxhero007 wrote: »
    you can curse me all you want I want a 5 star Joe Fix

    Best. Response. Ever.
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    Still better than Cyclops!
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    He's too op, he'd break the game.
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    @Kabam Vydious how to unsubscribe from thread? I already asked but received no answer and this thread is kept alive
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    4* Joe's damage is trash,But,
    As a 5*,
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    I hope he's a candidate for the Beta Test
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    joe fix it and spider Gwen are decent. Groot, Collosus, Iron Patriot, Kamala Khan not so much
  • Foxhero007Foxhero007 Posts: 638 ★★★
    so @Kabam were is the 5star Joe Fixit Ps. Kabam can you be so kind fix my misspelling of Fixit in the subject line plz
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    I've seen people ask for incredibly weird and often really dumb things. But this? I just don't have the words.
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    ArmandStar wrote: »
    a marvel fan wants one of their favorite characters to be available in a better rarity. who wouldn't?

    Ant man my one of my favourite Marvel character. Don’t mean I’d be happy with a 6* one.
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    I got a joe from a four star crystal and was SO MAD! but then I opened up a few PHC and got him duped and that got me enough 5* shards to get a 5* which ended up being a Hyperion!

    Thank you JOE FIXIT!
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    _ASDF_ wrote: »
    Foxhero007 wrote: »
    we the people demand a 5star Joe Fixit

    But to be clear it’s just you... please do use the collective we and infer that the rest of the community completely lacks sound judgement.

    As you can probably tell from my avatar...I’m with him 😀
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    only if they buff him
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    Foxhero007 wrote: »
    again more people saying that Joe Fixit along with Spider-Gwen, Karnak and Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan) sucks just shows that they don't know how to use them.

    I know how to use them I don't mind Joe sg and Karnak but kk I can't stand
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    Foxhero007 wrote: »
    Fives wrote: »
    (Heads up, this is long. WAY longer than I anticipated. Don't read this if you don't have a couple minutes to spend. Or if you already know why Joe Fixit sucks.)

    How about you show me any scenario where any one of those supposedly good champions do a better job at ANYTHING than a starlord or a gwenpool or an archangel or a magik or a vision or a hulk or an angela or a nightcrawler? Can Kamala Khan, a hero made up entirely of fury buffs, out damage anybody? No, she's got some of the worst damage output in the game, even awakened. She DOES trigger mystic dispersion a lot, which is a good thing... for your opponent.

    Karnak is actually good at taking on spidermen and those with evasion, although he doesn't have much use other than that. I've never heard of anybody particularly disliking him, so I don't know why he's on your list. Personally I think he should have some sort of crit damage rating that scales sort of like his crit chance, but he really can take a backseat to the plethora of other characters that need buffs, imho.

    And Joe Fixit... Geez, dude.
    Let's start with his bleeds. His special one does decent bleed damage, assuming the enemy isn't bleed immune, and assuming it inflicts lots of stacks. It's a bit of a gamble, which fits the character, but even when you do get lots of bleed, it never really feels like it does enough damage. Not enough payoff if you ask me.
    His special three does terrible damage, made up for by the massive bleed damage. Again, this is useless against bleed immune champions, but it is a nice bleed for those who can be bled. Not much I can complain about there.

    Then there's his special two, which doesn't do a crazy amount of damage, but it does stun for a couple seconds, so I guess there's that. Not too much going on there, I think that part of his kit is fine.

    Then you get to his passive. First off, you have to use a heavy to switch decks, which against harder AI means you need to parry or stun them with your special two. This means he can't effectively switch decks against mordo, black panther, rogue, groot, anyone stun immune, and especially in the labyrinth where they have limber. Now let's get into his different hands
    . First is dirty fighting, easily the worst. It feeds willpower, causing two debuffs, and if you regularly parry that's more like three. That's a ton of damage lost off of regen. Neither of the debuffs (fatigue and weakness) are useful, as most skilled players (which you clearly are, if you know how to use Fixit well) just don't get hit. (Side note, fatigue is the most useless ability in the game. Think about it, any hit you take is usually either blocked, which can't crit, or a special three, which can't crit. It almost never has any effect on the fight! It's such a stupid ability!) anyway, that's dirty fighting, which you'll usually want to switch off of whenever you roll it.

    Then there's regen, which is just... bad. Next to no regen, although I think it's a little higher after 12.0. Either way, it's not really enough to make any effect on a fight, but maybe on a five star it's a little better.
    On to rage, the second least useless buff, not that that's saying much. The attack buff you get from rage is little higher than most character's self activated furies, and comes at the cost of risking your life for it. Sure, it boosts your damage a little bit, but it's really not worth risking dying for.

    Last but certainly not least, cunning. Joe's best hand in my opinion. Boosts crit rate based on combo, (which rocket already does way better, but hey) which is easy to raise with his special one that has a lot of hits. Problem is, even once you've gotten to 100% crit rate, his base damage is so low that he's really only critting as hard as any good character does on regular hits. Sure, you can double down, get rage and cunning, and increase your damage to admittedly good numbers, but that's taking a big risk, requires a lot of setup, and only lasts as long as double down does. So his passive is practically useless, and as I just iterated, so is his signature, which is basically a breif extension of his passive.

    Last of all, his utility in general is just garbage. He's got no power control, his raw damage is laughable, he's got no ability accuracy manipulation, there are far better bleeders, he's **** on defense, as even on unblockable special nodes, you can block the second part of his special one.

    Worst of all, his main claim to fame is that he's a luck of the draw character, right? He a gambler, that's his thing. But even when you DO get lucky with Leeds and with rolling suits he's still subpar at best. He's just got no place in the game except farming arena points. Same with all the other characters you mentioned. Kamala Khan, for example. She's SUPPOSED to be a damage dealer, but she does a horrible job of that compared to a hulk or angela or dozens of other characters.

    TLDR; Joe Fixit is **** and I just poured my soul into explaining why and you're not even bothering to read it? For shame.

    Holy **** that was long. I'm sorry. Anyways, if you can't already tell I'm 100% on board with Joe Fixit being in 5* crystals.

    Just please God buff the hell out of him first.

    wow that was long
    i just don't see why everyone hold starlord, gwenpool, archangel, magik, vision, hulk, angela and nightcrawler on a high pedestal especially starlord some of them are good and other are decent.

    starlord is decent but he is better when he team up with the other guardians,
    gwenpool is only some what good with her stackable bleed
    archangel is decent with his poison
    magik is good because of limbo
    vision is good because of poison and bleed immune with heal block and power burn
    hulk is decent because he a beef cake
    angela can't say don't have her
    nightcrawler is good because of high evade

    i do have a 5star starlord and i do use him only why because he my highest tech and the 5stars have higher stats then the 4star but my starlord is my 7th powerful champ my 4star joe fixit is higher then him and way better.

    All of which is much better than anything Joe fixit can do even though I am ok with him I'd much rather get other champs
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    Joe Fixit here & alive and ready to be a 5/6 star champion.
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