player 900k soon 2 5R5 looking for gold 3 alliance only and semi relaxed aq no more full 5 4 ok ??

you must be gold 3 dont play too much war when off season or only 2 groups or 1
you dont play full 54 mix 543 ok if full 3 it s ok i dont care aq i will play but during this virus period can be more difficult
i have lot of choice for def i ll up soon my second 5R5 spidey stark
i use line but same i have no time to be there so if you need someone who reply first no way
i know this game i dont need to have your instruction alright ? i dont play with tyrant this kind of leader or officer who think they have a little power and can kick so easily


you can find me in the game only : JeanClaudeDusse
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