who should i awaken with 4 star generic?

my choices are: namor, capiw, ghost, or proxima, or thing. namor and thing are both at r1 level 1 atm because i pulled them recently and i am incredibly short on gold rn. everything else is at 5/50 i am currently working on act 5 exploration (i finished exploring 5.1, which is where i got the AG from), which champs would help out the most in becoming elders bane when duped, and what sig should i take them to? i know that capiw and namor need a practically max sig, but i dont have enough to take either to max sig yet. also, who would help most in things like aw, aq, or eq? i know namor at max sig is a great korg counter, as well as a counter for nodes such as psychic thorns, and i already use proxima in aw almost every time for the corvus synergy. i also heard that capiw's heal reversal is awesome, but unfortunately i dont have despair mastery, so the heal reversal might not reach its full potential just yet. i dont know much about thing tho, only that hes great on aw defense, and that hes awesome on offence as well, but has a lot of benefit from synergies.

please share your experience on duping these champs and how they benefited your gameplay, that would be really helpful. thanks.
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