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Morning star worth a generic gem?

guys does MS need to be awakened for the champion 6.2 boss I'm debating to take her to rank 4/5 but just want to know if I need to put a gem in her for the fight, if I'm right it has something to do with her souls? Sorry if I'm being thick just want to make sure before I put a generic into her


  • OkaythenOkaythen Posts: 590 ★★★
    No she does not need to be duped for champ boss
    Generic no, maybe mystic
    Sig gives her one soul at the start of the quest so you only need 4 fights to build her up
    Doesn’t do anything to her soul abilities
    She can reduce regen and fury potency which are some of the Issues with champ boss and she gains her own
  • Mrwarren96Mrwarren96 Posts: 233
    Ahh wicked man just saved me wasting a generic gem on her, cheers for the info bro👍👊
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