version 999685 (26.1?) bug - call outs

Device and Version: iOS 8 Plus

Device Operating System: iOS 13.3.1

Mobile Carrier: none

Cellular or WiFi: WiFi

Game Version Installed: 26.1.0

Game Mode: arena, AQ

Champions Affected: Hyperion - 4*, 5/50, awakened

Which Champions are affected by this issue? What is their Rank, Level and which Signature Abilities do they have unlocked?

Active Boosts: no boosts

Description of the Issue: call out not displaying Hyperion cosmic charge in AQ. hyperion cosmic charge do not appear

didn't notice in Hyperion until AQ in v26.x

Screenshot or Video: If you are able to capture a screenshot or video that helps visually demonstrate the issue you are experiencing, please include it along with your report. More information on how to take a screenshot can be found here.


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    Space_gooSpace_goo Posts: 127
    delete. forgot to sp3, for cosmic charges to trigger
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