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Veteran alliance looking for an added boost

Revenge of the Fallen are looking for up to 10 active players to fill up our ranks after a few retirements and people wanting to get serious with map6 again.

We are a group of veterans who have played for quite a while together as a core and have a pretty relaxed attitude towards the game because...you know...we have lives and stuff!!! We like a lot of banter (who doesnt) and we use Line to communicate.

We range from 300k to 1.3m ratings with alliance prestige of 8.7k so would ideally be looking for a group of similar prestige people but not a deal breaker

We currently run AQ 44 but are possibly looking at running 54 shortly depending on who we get in and we run 2 war groups so people can get a break once in a while. Usually G2/3 for war but had a bad last season with people dropping off throughout it...what can you do eh?

We are more than capable of G1 with the right people and would be asking those coming in to make sure you are active enough to participate in AQ and AW with AQ being the focus moving forwards but not to the point of grinding the living **** out of the game (unless you want to of course).

No minimums for events and if we do move to map5 then minimum donations would be required.

If you want to know more or are interested, feel free to hit me up in game (Gingerpad) or on Line (gingerpad76)


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