Incursions - Looking for a partner? Start here!

Prepare yourselves Summoners, today marks the official launch of Incursions, where you can delve through the depths of Ultron's Domain to claim glorius rewards! However, it can be dangerous to go it alone, so we wanted to point everyone to places where they can find a partner to brave these dangers with.

The first place you can do that is right here on the forums! The Aliiance Recruitment Forum has now become the Alliance Recruitment and Incursions Matchmaking Forum where players can now also post when they are looking for a partner and what difficulty they are looking at running.

Are you a Discord User? A number of our Community Discord Channels have added Incursions Matchmaking Channels to their Servers! Find them at the following links:

Brian and Cade's
Candy Land
The Dogg Pound

Prefer Line? Try MCOC Concierge’s Incursions Chat!

Best of luck in your Incursions Summoners and may your partner always have your back!
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