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Long Incursions Matchmaking Time [Merged Threads]



  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    Just put my 2¢ here too. Incursions are incredibly laggy and bugged. I have to restart the game to even enter the room. Here's a vid:

  • KittytamerKittytamer Posts: 25
    Having trouble with incursions as well. It would be frozen when finding a partner to play with. After one is found, it would still be on same loading page. Would need to back out of party and restart game all together. I have lost 4 different teams today doing this. I’m using IPHONE7p with latest operating system.

  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    A wee update from my end. Playing incursions with a VPN (east coast USA based), and the it works fine and plays smoothly.

    Yet again, another regional problem. Yet again.
  • Tasty_Yum_YumsTasty_Yum_Yums Posts: 444 ★★★
    edited April 2020

    Did everybody here use the Matchmaking feature?

    Yes, I used the matchmaking feature. That was the only difference between my main account and my alt account.

    My main account I matched with a friend and had no issues. With my alt account, I used the same device, and tried random matchmaking and cannot join without the game freezing and then crashing.
  • AgentDoom9AgentDoom9 Posts: 263 ★★
    You can still play the game as long as you don’t press anything to do with incursions. I’ve been playing quests and I have my champions from the incursion and my game still works just as long as I don’t press continue on incursions.
  • Elsa21Elsa21 Posts: 12

    Hey @Elsa21

    Were you at your limit of 5 items for the Zone?

    No I just stated a new zone and dat happened and why is this note on the form for Incursions
  • Hey everybody that was stuck and not able to enter their Incursion, this has now been fixed! You'll need to leave your current Incursion, but should be able to play again right after. Thank you for your patience!
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