Incursions partner problem

Hey Kabam incursions are a very good addition to the I really appreciate your work on incursions but the partner matching is still not improved today I played incursions with a rondom guy and suddenly he quit and went offline without clearing the node so I took down the boss since he was offline he didn't reply now due to him I will not be able to play incursions until he returns so now its waste of my time and not only my time now I can't even use my champions again due to that guy so it impacts me and players like me because usually players keep their top champs in their team for players like me who don't have a very strong rosters it impacts them a lot. So I think you should do something about this.Please due to players like this others get very much loss


  • Incursions would be perfect if they just allowed the option for us to play both sides solo using 6 champs when we don't have a partner to play with.
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