Looking for AQ focus AW optional.

Map 5 veteran, 9.5k prestige and a 1 mil+ overall rating. Used to AQ 5x5 and Gold 1 AW, looking to dial back on AW requirements.


  • LoserInTinFoilLoserInTinFoil Posts: 18
    Would you be interested in map 6? We are pretty much AQ focused. You can look me up on on line or in game. LoserInTinFoil
  • djomla85djomla85 Posts: 107
    Map5x5, war options, line ID djomla85
  • SBESBE Posts: 61
    5x5 AQ. Stress free wars. Line ID: bent.notbroken
  • Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 741 ★★★
    AQ 4/4/5. Good prestige so low effort.
    AW gold 2 with 1 bg...voluntary only.
    We are reKT- ...message me in line if interested.
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