The road to the labyrinth rewards debarkle

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so one of the most divided community opinions was kabams decision to allow those who had not completed RTTL into the LOL and whether now it was not essential the rewards justified the difficulty. So I thought to get a more clear idea of the communities opinion I should ask the question in a different way. If RTTL was released in the next update as permanent content under a different name with identical rewards would you complete it if given the option

The road to the labyrinth rewards debarkle 41 votes

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    In case some of you have forgotten, the rewards kinda suck. No one needs a 4 star class AG if they are beating 18K PI champs.
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    I wouldn't be in a rush to complete it by any stretch, but I generally have each month's EQ done in the first week or so, and that's when I work on other content.

    Rewards are rewards, even when they're not that good, so if you can get them without much effort, I can't think of a good reason not to.
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    Free reward is free
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    In case some of you have forgotten, the rewards kinda suck. No one needs a 4 star class AG if they are beating 18K PI champs.

    I mean at the time I beat it with 5/50 SL, 5/50 Magik, and 4/40 CB, so like, 4* were still very relevant to me, so imma have to respectfully disagree. Nowadays that may be untrue because getting 5* is super easy now, but at the time my best 5* was like Elektra or something, so I didn’t give two hoots about them.
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    don`t care enough
    Why do people get so upset over stuff like this?

    The game advances. In order to keep newer players interested, new incentives have to be added as well as more rapid progress to get towards new end game content.

    It literally hurts no one and only bolsters the community.
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    Just don't complete it lol, it's not necessary anyway
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    If I have time and nothing else then sure.

    It’s easy content. Cleared it with mostly r4 4* back in the day when it was new.

    This old content the rewards don’t need to go up just because. The content is the same as it was but easier as rosters are way more advance when people are hitting it. If it’s not worth your time then move on.

    But if this content is hard to you and the rewards do nothing then the game has done a disservice to you because your skills are not where your roster is imo or you haven’t developed depth of roster.
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    How is the abyss open to all even though you have not completed the labyrinth.
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    You had to knock off the road to labyrinth before you could have attempted labyrinth before.
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    I know it might have been a typo or my wifi being patchy
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