Beta Test Suggestion: Using MODOK’s Labs to Test Defensive Capabilities.

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The Hulkbuster Beta just came to a close and unfortunately, even though we had a week to test his offensive potential, there was no way to practically test him as a defender. This is a problem as we’re left only to theorize about how he will interact with certain nodes. For example, knowing that he turns his armour buffs into shock debuffs, I am curious to see how he will interact with the various Armour Nodes. In theory these could be some of the most painful experiences a player could run into. Another scary fight involves him with Psychic Thorns as barely any champ can ignore the thorns damage while also dealing with constant shock debuffs. I’m sure there are other terrifying prospects I haven't thought of.

I propose, for the purpose of Beta Testing, repurposing and rereleasing MODOK’s Labs. You see these quests applied random nodes to multiple random champions and those nodes could be rerolled using “randomizers.” In the Beta’s version, the random champions would be set to the specific champion the beta was meant to test and the randomizers would be free to use. This would allow us to see limitless node combinations with the Beta Buffed Champion, bringing to light certain nodes that might otherwise slip through the cracks. Kabam could even lock the quest’s nodes, only changing them when we use a randomizer, which would allow us to test any suspect fights repeatedly.

Well, that’s all I got. Take it or leave it. Have a nice day.


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    I'm thinking more along the lines of build your own node combination
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