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10 mil. , 4.9k prestige recruiting

about us :
tag : M+US
skill level above average
rating : 10 mil. but some of us sell champs so should be higher
current war rating 2100 + tier 1 but don't mind dropping to tier 2
AQ : map 5x5 rankings are usually around 470 to 520
time zones : all

about you :
all the following is a must but the priorities in order are :
1st skill : never fail to clear your path in war , AQ has to not even be a challenge for you at day one prestige of 4900 +
2nd attitude : be a decent person , interactive and a grown up .
3rd prestige : it can be tolerated but to an extent since we are not ranking for t4cc & using map5 only but we would still like to stay within the top 400- 500 range so a prestige less than 4700 would probably make us drop in rankings.
4th activity : need to be at least able to check in every 4-5 hours max , 8 hours of sleep is permitted :) as you will be in a bg that is close to your time zone mostly .

in game name : mo2az
Line ID : themo2az

hit me up .
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