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LOL 100% as a level 52 player

WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
Got it done 100% f2p on my alt account. Used a 5/65 Aegon with Angela, Hela, Heimdall, and Thor (rag). This allowed me to cheat death once per fight, heal 15% after dash back and holding block and a 20% revive once per fight. I only used 440 units of my own and 32 stashed revives for all 7 paths. Got shafted on the rewards as usual and pulled kamala, sentry, a man thing dupe and the only good pull AA. I broke everything down on an excel sheet that I used to keep track of everything. Overall, this whole run was about 1700 units worth of revives. I didn’t run suicides or anything special. Ran boosts on my final path. Hardest bosses were definitely juggernaut and agent venom. Path 7 was my greatest accomplishment out of all of them. Not only did I not use a single health potion or revive on any of the 18 champs before maestro, but I also one shot maestro himself on this run. Overall, I was very happy with how this went (except for the rewards). I have 2 generics in the inventory now and that OG ultron. Hopefully I actually get someone that I want to use these generics on


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