Incursions bug

Has anyone else experienced the Link Shield node affects on tile 6 even though it is an outgoing node? Really hurt my run and I had to spend units for revives


  • French2French2 Posts: 112
    The issue me (3x myself) and a couple of my alliance mates have experience is where we have encountered an unbeatable defender due to an issue where we hit the defender but punches appear to never make contact and you can visually see punches going through the defender but never making contact. Im not referring to an intercept punch, buff, debuff, nor a linked node effect. I’m talking about 4-5 hit combos going through the defender and being counter punched to death. Once you encounter this defender there is no wining which leaves your teammate forced to try to complete the zone alone vs a boss with multiple linked nodes which rarely goes well on higher zones. This has cost several of us a lot of incursions rewards and real $ trying hard to remove the node so teammate can conclude the zone and we can collect the rewards. However, when you can’t inflict damage and have used 5 items it is a wrap and you’re left without the rewards deserved. This needs serious attention. Anyone else experienced this issue?
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