Kabam needs to take advantage of the stimulus check ballers

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Those stimulus checks are coming in kabam... Why no t5b offers to entice the stimulus ballers


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    There are definitely more important things to spend money on especially now
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    The offers have really changed and have been horrible lately, u can tell they are going for a chance at things rather then guaranteed value. Alot of early access bundles and other bundles with pools of champs like crit chance bundles or AWD bundles and on and on. Also things like crystals with a 20% chance for a 5 star AG and 80% for sig stones, crystals that have a chance at t5b, t2a, t5cc epic and greater ascendant crystals i think they are called. If it is something guaranteed like today its a generic offer that any player can buy. 40$ for a t2a gold and 2 t4cc limit 3. Weve seen that same deal once or twice a month for the last few months. Gone are the days where i log in and there are deals for cash that are title specific like UC and cavaliet and then everyone else and the deal is better the higher your title.

    Also has been what seems like 5 or 6 months since the last 3 tier unit offer of 1k 5k 10k units that was also title specific. I can remember the last one bc i bought all 3 tiers. It was at least 5 months ago and it was for t5b and t2a and was a great deal for the CAV level of the offer. I think i remember seeing an interview with dorky dave and kabam employees saying they were going to be going in this direction with the game for a chance at things but more chances then before or something like that. Anyhow the offers have really gone down the drain.

    I cant tell you how many times recently ill get a bonus on my friday paycheck and would def spend a few bucks to get something bc this is my biggest hobby and im of the opinion that there is nothing at all wrong with spending $$$ on your favorite hobby but there is literally never anything worth buying. Probably better for me that its been trending this way bc ive spent far less on the game but i do miss the offers from last year now and again. Most people in my alliance feel the same way and have significantly reduced their spending and its not because of some epiphany that spending on a mobile game is dumb its just because the deals are bad.
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    Urkel2 said:

    Those stimulus checks are coming in kabam... Why no t5b offers to entice the stimulus ballers

    some of us aren't getting those checks cause our tax return says we make waaaaay too much for that nonsense. where's our offers?!?!?!
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    this is a joke right?
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