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Wasp heavy + SP1 chain interaction.

Wasp, like a lot of champs, is able to chain her special attacks with her heavy. Recently, I've noticed that she's unable to chain her heavy with her SP1 unless defender is in the corner.
If not in the corner, there is a weird interraction where the first hit of her SP1 misses the defender and the next two connect. During that "miss", the defender acts as though they're expecting to be hit, standing idle until the next two hits of the SP1 connect.
More often than not, this is how the defender reacts to this bug and thus I was never punished... until last night when I attempted to clear a few lanes in 6.1.2. with the "Combo Party" global node in play.
This time, the AI blocked the subsequent two hits after realising the first hit didn't connect and of course combo'd me into oblivion. Either way, regardless of the AI's reaction, this interaction is clearly bugged as the distance between the two champs is small enough for the special attack to connect but it doesn't. It merely glides in front the defender akin to a missed attack or unstoppable interaction.

Please have a look at this.
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