ISO 5000+ Prestige players

Hello Fellow Marvel Fanatics! We are always looking to improve our family and rankings! Come help us in our quest :wink:

A lil about us...

We Do not require you to spend money and we are currently NOT running Map 6 but still looking to rank in the top 300. Help us Achieve this goal by joining our crew with high Prestige rated members. A bit more Prestige bumps will get us under the 300 mark and u can HELP ! :wink:

Alliance Name - Stink Nuggets Delta - Tag - [StnkD]
Most Recent AQ Rank - 333
War Rating - 1,683 -Tier 2
Alliance Rating - 9,821,112
Average Member Rating - 327,370
Date Alliance Created - 10/26/2015
Run AQ Map- 5x5
Communication - GroupMe App

Requirements to join Include but are subject to negotiation, so pls ask us if u are interested. - -

Prestige - 5000+
Groupme App
Must Finish AQ Lanes, Boss Killers Always Welcome but not required :smiley:
Donations - 135k Gold, 13k Loyalty, 30k Battlechips weekly
Communicate and Tag ppl when nodes are down or bosses open
Duel Events - 650
Required to Help out in all events but no minimum requirements just a lil participation :wink:

If u have any questions, concerns, comments, pls leave a msg here, PM me, or send a friends request ingame.
You may Contact me Ingame as SHLV23 or ShiveringKnight (yes i have 2 accounts) I Prefer u Contact me on SHLV23
or Contact our Leader - HITMANREAPER1 or Officer- BronxHugeth, pls let them know u read the post on the forums :smiley::wink:

Hope to see some of you soon! otherwise Enjoy the Battles :wink:

-- SHLV23 [StnkD]
-- ShiveringKnight [Stnk INC]


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