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The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
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Frame rate drop during Thing's SP1?

AstoundsAstounds Posts: 323 ★★
Anyone else have this issue? I dont use him much but I had it happen a week or so ago and just chalked it up to a slight phone over heat or something. But doing arena tonight i found it happening again and only during his sp1 animation and them the moment he finishes it, the frames fix themselves.


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    NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    I have had this happen periodically, but inconsistently. Can't reproduce it effectively. Am on Android pixel 3 and 4, and have had it happen on both, though not so much recently.
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    Sean_WhoSean_Who Posts: 618 ★★★
    Yeah I get it time to time. I try to Dex it quite 'late' now.. it seems to be when it's thrown as I'm already dashing back it gets a bit funky.
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    Vinitlalka1988Vinitlalka1988 Posts: 269
    I think it happens during first sp 1 use after that it’s seamless it’s cost me health couple of times for sure....
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    EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    I get it every single time. Then I get slapped around afterwards and I can only see that it's happened halfway through the combo.
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