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Act 6 completion done!

WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
Finally finished it on my alt. Started 3 days ago on 6.3.1 and finished today. Didn’t spend many units at all. No units on the first two quests of 6.4, only 2 revives on the no retreat annihulus in 6.4.3, one team revive in 6.4.4, no revives on 6.4.5 (got a sick solo on hydra adaptoid with Aegon, and one team revive on the GM. Rewards were meh. Got Venom, Night Thrasher, Groot dupe, and CB from the 5*. Super happy with venom, but the others were disappointing. 6* were OG DD, Punisher 2099, and Mr.Sinister. Some horrible luck on those. On the bright side, the guaranteed value of the rank up materials from 6.4 allowed me to take 6* sunspot to r2 and also enough cats to r5 quake. I guess having 6 6* at level 52 isn’t bad even if most of them suck
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