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Looking for a couple players AQ map 4

Active AQ Participation is a must.

We do map 4 (easy modifiers like pessimist, optimist, sadist, stuff like that. Nothing hard.)
We need participation and lane clearing, so you’ll need 5*’ r4’s or 6*’s to keep up (Glory rewards will get you to r5 quickly)

Usually score about 120 mil
Usually rank in the 4,000’s and earn the T4C

2 BG for AW, last season we were Silver 1 (optional participation)
No minimums for events
No donations

Alliance name: Final Resting Place
My game ID: Mark Grayson

We do use Line app: markgrayson


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    MarkGraysonMarkGrayson Posts: 15

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    MarkGraysonMarkGrayson Posts: 15
    edited May 2020
    Sorry pic above is blurry.

    Last AQ:

    Prestige: 8,449
    124,678,500 pts,
    Rank 3,694

    We are looking for another player. Contact me if interested in joining.

    LINE app: markgrayson
    In game ID: Mark Grayson
    Alliance Tag: RIPOG
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    MarkGraysonMarkGrayson Posts: 15
    We are full. Thread closed. 👍👍
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