Who is better between Black Widow (Claire voyant) and Guillotine 2099

Who is better to rank up and why please write in commment


  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
    Definitely Claire.
    She can go face to face with any bleed, poison and Incinerate nodes.

    She can face Mephisto's aura incineration and Human Torch while in her incinerate immune state.

    Claire can deal massive damage at 20 Claire charges when facing any champion with either bleed, poison and Incinerate immune champ or node.

    She can deal the annoying Act 6 Mr. Sinister simply by placing a lot of poison debuff on him.
    Then when Mr. Sinister launches his SP1 to transfer the debuff on you, you will gain power instead cuz you're immune to it thanks to your ability. Then you can get to your sp3 quicker.
    Do sp3 and massive damage.

    She is great all around eventhough she doesn't finish a fight as fast as Corvus or Ghost.

    Plus she can regen, power steal and power burst damage. Awesome.
  • Javier1755Javier1755 Posts: 2
    Ok I got another question plz help
  • Javier1755Javier1755 Posts: 2
    Who should I rank up 4 start Claire alrd awaken or a 5 start the champion
  • RiptideRiptide Posts: 1,319 ★★★★
    Dont rank The champion
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