New Alliance started for those who want to have MCOC fun

Hey all,

So I left my previous alliance due to what seemed like favoratism, lack of participation, and other disagreements. I want to just have fun, grow in the game, and not have to worry about those who take advantage of others.

So, I figured why not start an alliance for those who want to have fun and advance. Been playing the game off and on for near 4 years. Took a break for about 6 months and came back.

Quantum Commandoes
Tag: QuaCo
ID: Jynetix

Will be AQ focused and AW optional if this alliance can grow to that. Would really enjoying having players who understand the game, how AQ/AW works, can run AQ Map 4, and do alliance events. I know the 2 million players are not going to join, but would like to see the alliance become a great fit for players. If interested message me in the game. LINE will be used for alliance chat.


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