HT with suicides

The only usefull 6* I have is torch
I want to rank 2 him
But was told he doesn’t do well with suicide is that true? Anyone can clarify
And I run suicide mostly for arena


  • Pancake_FacePancake_Face Posts: 645 ★★★
    if u run it for arena thats fine but i wouldn't run suicides in a quest with him.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 8,387 ★★★★★
    With suicides he takes a bit of time to get into the fight because the bleed reduces incinerate duration, but for the most part he’s fine, the damage to you generally isn’t a problem since he’s a champ you use for a couple fights on a path not every fight, and he does get a fair damahe boost from them
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