We'll have a gap to fill at the end of the season. Essential details about the alliance:

- We use Line to communicate
- We have comfortably been P4 for the last two seasons, playing in Tier 4.
- We run 3 BGs in War in Season. Out of season we run one and give people time to concentrate on single player content.
- We run Maps 4 and 5 with modifiers and hit 200m in AQ. We're looking at mixing in a Map 6 here and there from this offseason.
- We hit SA every week, and normally 500k. No holding.
- No donations. As and when the treasury runs low (which isn't very often) we ask people to give what they can and that tides us over for a while.

In terms of what we need from you, we need you to have Line, be a team player and be active. The absolute minimum we need is for you to have a strong enough roster to place decent defenders, bring good attackers, and contribute to AQ. In practice that means multiple r5 or 6* r2 champs and a range of r4/6* champs. That said, attitude, activity and skill matter more to us than rating or prestige, and we’re happy to help lower rated players (relatively speaking) develop. In terms of skill, you absolutely need to be Cavalier and/or clearing the Monthly Uncollected EQ 100% every month to fit in as a minimum, but most of our members are more advanced than that and working on more demanding content such as the Variants, Act 6, LoL, Abyss etc. Given that we're settled in Tier 4 in War, experience of that level would be very helpful but is not essential if you're finding it easy at lower Tiers.

We’re ambitious and active as an alliance, but life comes first for all of us, so we have a relaxed edge. Basically, come to War and AQ, but otherwise play the game how you want. Most of our players are very active and constantly developing, but we have some higher rated players who have moved down from more intense and demanding alliances for a slower pace but still with decent rewards. In recent times we've had someone join us from a P1 alliance for a slower pace, and one who joined with the lowest rating in the alliance but quickly showed that he could clear lanes and one shot minis in Tier 4.

We're constantly looking to improve and regularly change and tweak things to suit how the alliance is growing. To give some context to that, we were a 4.5m Silver 1 alliance a little over a year ago, and now we're an established 27m P4, so the desire to push on and improve is something that we have for the alliance as well as its members. It's a relaxed and supportive environment, with players often sharing tips and updating everyone in their progress, and one that we think helps to keep the game enjoyable (which, you know, it should be).

One proviso is that we have reached the point where playing constant wars at Tier 4 and doing AQ, which is demanding, and some of our players in the past season or two have decided to take a break or move to our sister alliance. So new players do need to be aware of those demands, and that ultimately we are an alliance where you need to use items to some degree and play smart. For some players that is just too stressful and too much of a demand, and we get that, but players who are thinking about joining need to be aware of it.

If you’re interested just reply on here or add me on Line (crazyjamie84). Any questions, just ask.
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