What is the coolest heavy attack in the game?



  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 908 ★★★
    I always found Iron Man IW heavy pretty fun, He creates hammers and swords using his nano tech, I also like Hela summoning weapons out of the ground.
  • BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 1,383 ★★★★
    Nova. His is so sick and it's criminal that it doesn't even do anything. :rage:
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 585 ★★★
    Doom cant go wrong with a savage backhand
  • lowlevelplayerlowlevelplayer Posts: 4,298 ★★★★★
    benshb said:

    is that a visual glitch? I haven't played BWCV in forever. It looks amazing
  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 869 ★★★
    As far as animations go my favorites are Green Goblin, Silver Surfer, and Doc Ock. In game, the most satisfying are a 10 fury Aegon, Cap IW, and Doom’s backhand.
  • SwarmOfRavensSwarmOfRavens Posts: 494 ★★★
    Sorcerer supreme animation wise
  • MegaSkater67MegaSkater67 Posts: 1,241 ★★★
    Definitely wasp, great animation and hits really hard. Very satisfying to use that a lot.
  • CotziCotzi Posts: 74
    Doom i love his b**ch slap
  • StacheBoiStacheBoi Posts: 23
    DarkHawk or BWCV imo
  • WRIRWRIR Posts: 540 ★★★
    Nick Fury's pretty cool with his cape and knife and all.

    But Iron Fist is where it's at.
  • TP33TP33 Posts: 1,393 ★★★★
    Sorcerer supremes heavy is very cool
  • HeterminusHeterminus Posts: 48
    Silver surfer absorbing the cosmic power
  • KerneasKerneas Posts: 1,450 ★★★★
    Visually its gonna be Red Skull for me.
  • GnotnusGnotnus Posts: 89
    this gotta be hyperion. Hyperion is the first champ that made me to spam heavy for all fights
  • benshbbenshb Posts: 420 ★★★

    benshb said:

    is that a visual glitch? I haven't played BWCV in forever. It looks amazing
    Yeah there was a patch where if you KO-d the opponent in the middle of the map, this dust appeared.
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,881 ★★★

    To me, it would have to be Thor (Classic). It is so unbelievably satisfying to just swing that mjolnir again and again and smack the s**t out of the opponent. I was thinking yesterday that a cool ability added to Thor (Classic) would be that the longer he keeps his heavy attack swinging, the more damage it will do (kind of like Hela and how the longer she holds her heavy attack the more she gains fury).

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  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 13,679 ★★★★★
    Since no one got (or appreciated) my Quake joke, I’ll put in my real answer.

    Night Thrasher is hitting you with a skateboard. No superpowers, just skateboard tricks.
  • Mrspider568Mrspider568 Posts: 1,881 ★★★
    Fjolnir said:


    Would have to be Iceman, duh!

    But my guess is that most will vote for Dooms heavy-slap.

    Welcome to the doom side
  • RonD9RonD9 Posts: 224
    Cap IW. The reach is amazing.
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