25 mil Ally LF 2 active experienced players for AQ focused map 5 Ally

Hi there players, I am the leader of Infinity Gauntlet. I am currently looking for 2 US based active and experienced map 5 players. We are an AQ focused Alliance. We do map 5x5 in all 3bgs. We are progressing toward having one of the bgs to do Day 1 of map 6 and see how that goes for 2 to 3 weeks and increase if it goes smoothly. The reason I am looking for 2 players is one is leaving to help a friend's Ally grow otherwise he would stick around. The other is with a heavy heart. One of my mentors and former leader of this Alliance has not logged in for 12 plus days. Unfortunately I fear the worst as he has had health problems and with the Coronavirus he may have fallen very ill or even worse but none of us that have been with the alliance for 4 years now knows how to get into contact with him. So unfortunately I must make a very hard decision to drop his place in the Alliance and recruit a new player for his spot.

Requirements to join us.

Must have the Line app

Must be moderately to very active

Must be excellent at communicating because that is the biggest key to clearing map 5 and progress forward to map 6.

Must have the ability to clear their path on their own and be willing to take a shot at mini bosses if needed.

Must be willing to pay the Treasury donations of
75k Gold and 5k Loyalty every week.

Must be willing to put the team first and Alliance Quest and such first before solo content or individual glory. It's only as a team will we succeed and progress. I have no room for selfishness.

Must be respectful toward others in the Alliance. If you encounter a problem either be willing to talk to an officer first to handle the issue or talk respectfully toward the player causing the issue.

This last one is the most important requirement. Have fun! It's a game and real life gets busy and real life always will come first before this game in my Alliance. I only ask to communicate as such. Meaning if you will be late joining AQ or give an ETA to your teammates when you will be able to bring down that next link node and such. An Alliance is only as good as each members communication with one another.

We are an optional 2bg AW Alliance as well but we do not care if we win or lose as AW is not our objective. AQ is our focus and will continue to be our Focus.

Weekly AQ score is between 210-225mil. With Master and Heroic Modifiers
Weekly rank is between 1480-1600

If you are interested please message me on Line. My ID is zbot34
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