Game Lag?

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I know this has been an ongoing complaint since 12.0 and like many of you, hoping the next patch has SOME effect... I've never seen a poll for it so figured, why not? Devices, internet, wifi, LTE whatever, if enough of us are experiencing lag at SOME level,something else is broke (server capacity???).

Game Lag? 33 votes

Never experience lag in fights (send me your setup!)
Experience Lag up to 25% of the time
beaupoemSpeeds80Midknight007Mollypocket6291haunted_memoryNEO_mr_AndersonAwesomeness44Drummer829Reevinniegainz 10 votes
Experience Lag up to 50% of the time
Etaki_LirakoiMugwump24Spity68Goken2345Manup456bobbyifugreeley770SvainDor 9 votes
Experience Lag up to 75% of the time
ralmadaShmemberlockThemis_xwsthsTman0971Captain_CaymanFivesVigotheCarpathian 7 votes
Captain_KandiceFaderRSbilbuilFighter168ViruxAirik1993Kocheese 7 votes


  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 327 ★★
    Experience Lag up to 75% of the time
    Come on people, you know you want to chime in on this right???
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 327 ★★
    Experience Lag up to 75% of the time
    **** you Kabam and your laggy ass bug ridden joke of a game. I've kept my cool and for months and months submitting proof of bugs only to have you ignore my input and that of many others. You can all piss off. I'm done with this garbage.
  • Tman0971Tman0971 Posts: 327 ★★
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    Experience Lag up to 75% of the time
    I have an iphone 7+, the most powerful phone on the market with this internet speed so dont friggin tell me its my device or network.

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    Experience Lag up to 25% of the time
    Playing on lg g6 which has decent performance, powered by very fast and reliable internet I have been experience in-fight lag lately. For the first time in months I actually have fights where the actual fight is ver choppy and not just my character but the A.I. as well.
  • Experience Lag up to 25% of the time
    I agree. I was fighting dorm in AQ and it literally lagged for a good "1 Mississippi" and dorm wrecked me. It doesn't happen every fight, but it's happened a lot more than before the update. Of course it's our fault though
  • Experience Lag up to 25% of the time
    To go along with my previous post, I rarely play the game on my iPad Air 2 because for some reason it's not very smooth at all. Find myself missing parrys and dexterity way more than on my phone
  • Experience Lag up to 75% of the time
    I play on iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 3. Lag makes the game unplayable at times. Seems to have gotten worse since last maintenance.

    Dexterity swipes and parry/block taps are not registering meaning you have to play pre-emptively instead of reactively (if you haven't pre-empted the attack it's too late and there's a combo to the face incoming). It's also affecting intercepts - example being extremely easy intercepts where the opponent is dashing from the other end of the screen are getting over-ridden because the player's attack is not registering or there is a delay in the champion reacting to the player's input.

    Also experiencing variable frame rates where the game slows to a crawl and then speeds up. This makes timing combo hits impossible because when it slows all taps and swipes get missed.

    Is this a possible memory leak as restarting the game appears to make the issue better for a few fights before it returns? I do not want to have to restart every 3 fights, nor do I want to have to use potions due to unfair damage received, so the game performance needs to be drastically improved.
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