35M AQ Focused / Rank Top 250/ AQ 66666/77666 offseason / Prestige 10k+/ AW Gold 1

35M AQ focused ally seeks 10k+ prestige members. Map66666 AW season. Map7 blend in offseason. Top 250 rank / 400M points

Donation 250k Gold, 30k BC, 18k.

Need 3

Message me on Line App: JoeySchmoey

LF 2-3 players, preferably 10k+ prestige

• 35m ally, BFMZ tag
• Gold 1 AW, tier 5/6
• Top 250 AQ, 6x5 usually scoring around 400m
* One BG doing some map 7, phasing that in
• Super organized, chill environment


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