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Looking for AW focused alliance, no donations more relaxed AQ

Hi looking for new alliance that is focused on AW, Gold 1/Plat 4 level. does map 4/5 AQ no donations, AW priority over AQ. I am 10k prestige over 1 million total hero rating. Have done completion of act 6, 100% LOL and 100% all Variants. Gamertag Sigmar360.

Contact me here ,



  • Sigmar360Sigmar360 Posts: 13

  • BłADEBłADE Posts: 148
    hello mate btw nice acc :) . we arent exactly what your interested in but we are a jolly good bunch who is looking for someone who is very experienced to help. just a few things about us:

    we are active but chilled 6.8 mill ally no line no pressure :smile:
    we came silver 3 for this aw season and we regularly do aq 2 bg map 2 or 3
    we are a jolly kind bunch who chat regularly through alliance chat to communicate

    if your looking for higher like plat and gold and not interested, no worries mate good luck finding a good ally but if you are interested pls let me know. thx alot mate. :)
  • Sigmar360Sigmar360 Posts: 13
    Thanks man bu aiming for a bit higher in terms of tier for AW. Thanks though
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 65
    Hey man. We do map 5 and map 6 and keep our donations low so. We are pushing gold 1 HARD this season. You'd fit in well. Hit me on Line? Metalman695
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