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37M, Top 150 AQ, Map6X5, looking for experienced map6 players >10k prestige

We're looking to replace a few retiring players. Ally Tag: MWO2 | Prestige Requirement: > 10k

We are a 37M Top 150 AQ (usually ~120) Map6X5. For AW, we typically finish either plat 4 or gold 1. Our goal is to clear all AW maps without heavy item usage, as our main focus is AQ.

We are consistently over 750k in SA for top 5% rewards. Core members have been together for a long time, so we are looking for people who want to stick around.

No minimums in any events except suggested targets for targeted hero use events for free 5* sig stones, as we often finish in the top 10 just by questing with the suggested champs.

All in all, really chill group of players just looking for no drama when running map6 (i.e available during start and at the end of AQ to clear the last nodes).

Donations: 250k gold | 28k battle chips | 20k loyalty

Message me if interested!

line ID: mrslimsandy
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