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The state of the game is pretty bad right now....

WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
I’m just voicing my honest thoughts on the current state of the game. As some of you may know, Seatin recently came out with a video on why he’s burnt out with the game. If you’re still around act 5 level, the game still has plenty to offer, but that all quickly changes around act 6. Act 6 has to be one of the worst pieces of content introduced in a long time. 6.1 was fine, but 6.2 changed all of that with nodes like do not go gentle in 6.2.5 coupled with individual nodes for all champs (ex electro with poison and 1% regeneration). Such niche nodes that have very few counters are such a big turnoff from the game. Aside from that, the champion with no retreat and the mr sinister boss are all super niche and uncalled for. 6.3 was a step up from 6.2. While this may be the case, it still had its cases of badly designed lanes (acid wash mysterio) but wasn’t all to bad with the select boosts made for it. 6.4 was absolutely horrible. Aside from the GM fight (super fair and skill based) most of the lanes in 6.4 were niche and horrible. As a f2p player completing act 6, my roster is nowhere near the level of the big spenders. I have a couple great r4 and r5 champs, but none that can deal with this level of niche. Most of the nodes in act 6 are “if you don’t have x effect active, you deal 90% less damage”. The fact that they couldn’t come up with anything more interesting baffles me. There are some skill based nodes around (thermostat) but for the most part, 6.4 was horribly niche. Sticking paths where you do 90% less damage if you don’t have a prowess effect, 90% less damage if the opponent doesn’t have a power sting, 75% less damage if the opponent isn’t hit with a projectile attack, energy adoption with diss track (sucks unless you have cap marvel), and niche fights like DH (quake, HT, corvus) are only viable for the most part, and this ant man in 6.4.3 that had spite, stun immunity, AND micro reflect. There’s pretty much no counter to glancing so you’re forced to take the damage unless you’re playing quake. Act 7 doesn’t get much better. I hope they change things from the beta, but it feels like another chapter of act 6 that drags on forever and has insane block damage (even to 5/65 champs). Aside from this, Seatin makes a very valid point on only about 25 champs out of the 170 being viable. I’d disagree and say it’s more around 45/170, but it’s still a horrible fraction. Not even 50% are viable for most of this endgame content. AQ is currently fine for me (we run map 5) and AW is not worth the effort for the rewards received. We haven’t seen a new celebrity challenge in awhile, no variants, and the side quest this month is boring (great rewards though).


  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,558 ★★★★
    6.2 was the worst of chapter 6. The gating having a specific champ. The global nodes sucked. I am now 100% but beyond abyss am not excited for chapter 7 or monthly content.
  • WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
    Yeah. The absolute worst part about all of this, is the fact that they didn’t learn anything from act 6. Act 7 is just as bad as act 6 is
  • ShrimpRShrimpR Posts: 221
    6.2 Champion Boss is probably the worst design in the Act 6
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,480 ★★★★
    I can sort of forgive kabam for making half of A6 so niche because it's permanent content and nothing is forcing us to blow through it with your wallet.

    The issue I have is with all the garbage champs in the game right now. It's just completely disheartening when you grind for 6 months and never pull a single champ that is actually useful in any way.

    Kabam needs to seriously fix this right now, or at least start in the right direction.
  • King_Leo321King_Leo321 Posts: 1,211 ★★★

    I agree. The endgame content is getting horrible. I’m sitting here looking at this screen once a day and I’m saying pass. The rewards are not worth it. This fight isn’t fun, and I don’t want to spend money on this. I’m saving units now for what I don’t know. I still have abyss to do one day when I have the time I guess maybe. Still only thing might have rewards worthwhile. But the length of it... holding me off.

    Other than this the variants all are done. Variant one was hell and maybe why I don’t seem to care about the rest of the content now. I am not in a high end alliance and don’t want to be. So clearing it does not do much for my account to justify the effort, units, frustration to do it.

    It’s been weeks I look at this screen and I’m thinking of clearing 6.3 first because 6.2 is so damn horribly frustrating and cruddy.

    If you don't want to spend money then become free to play player.Final conclusion but yeah agree act 6 also don't worry time.
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,223 ★★★★
    Posted it in the Seatin thread on the forums but the kabam heavy steer into rng has broken the positive feedback loop for the player. There is not a guarantee of reward/progression for the pain.

    Niche content and hard content is ok. But The drive to clear is gone because there is no guaranteed progression from completion. Literally opening rewards after clearing content feels more often punishing most the time.

    If you are clearing this because of how niche the counters on from the rewards you are mostly likely to get a 6 that doesn’t help, a 5* you don’t really need and most likely don’t want or dupe because you need a solid 5* roster to reasonably clear act VI, t5CC or frags can’t use and other rank up materials you likely already have in the stash.

    Again niche counters is fine but as a result because you already need the counters you don’t need the rewards from using those counters. For how punishing the content is it has great odds to still have no payout in terms of progression.
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