Alliance Wars needs a Rework!

They're pretty boring nowadays,Boring maps, Tough nodes for lame rewards and....
Defense Tactics Sucks.. Many have stopped playing Aws now and Many quitted the game so far
Also the Effort Leader and Officers put in for management and All, they deserve some good rewards

I meanjust few shards for 1 month Crazy Hardwork.. Members gave everything the golries, Loyalties, Units and everything to Aws
Officers and Leader work day night for management, they keep shouting at members all day and At the end of the season what they get is few thousands shards, some rankup materials which can be easily brought through AQS(from glory stores)
Clearly Not fair.... Aws rewards needs a massive buff
Sad that Nowadays kabam won't listen to us😔😔


  • Serious_786Serious_786 Posts: 99 ★★
    Though Kindly Ignore my "Grammer" mistakes
  • M1k0rinM1k0rin Posts: 605 ★★
    I miss 2017 aw map. Thats all.
  • Serious_786Serious_786 Posts: 99 ★★
    This is an important issue yet no one cares.....
    Nowadays there's no fun in Alliance Activities
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