If you have a bad mood, just know...

...that there is a f2p player, who saved up around 3.5k units, a little bit rushed to complete AOL, and then this happened) Abyss swallowed me, I guess, but the time will pass, and I'll return, much better, much stronger, and this time, everything will be completely different...

P.S. Kabam, your drop rate for units in Uncollected/Usual Arena crystals sucks a bit). Saying just for acknowledging))


  • DonrefreDonrefre Posts: 122 ★★
    Why are you quitting mid run??
  • SuperiorSymbioteSuperiorSymbiote Posts: 1,852 ★★★★★
    Probably a mistake
  • LeovaMLeovaM Posts: 36
    Donrefre said:

    Why are you quitting mid run??

    I just realized I'm not capable. 790 units, and I was on Loki. Then Invisible Woman comes, who is not that easy without Nick Fury, and then there is a Unit-Grabber Collector, who needs minimum 1k units in your pocket. As I said, with unit drop rates from arena one mid-season period is not enough to grind that much units. Besides there is AQ and AW, and I need these champs there. So I decided to quit, I will save up 5-5.5k in a month, and will try again.
  • WeAreNotVenomWeAreNotVenom Posts: 126 ★★★
    I honestly would have kept pushing. I sometimes leave myself in story content for a while and grind arena. I guess you would miss out on the rift rewards then.
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