2 mil active alliance seek wandering ronin for AW and AQ maps 2 and 3

We need a few capable boss killers. Ideally we would like to have people with 6 4* 4/40.

Additionally looking to replace unreliable players. Working maps 3-2-2-2-1. Looking to move on to harder content. Line app required. Must participate in alliance events, alliance quests and alliance war. Need at least three 4 star 4/40. Our average rating is 60k. Alternating weeks with Summoner Advancement, must be willing to save crystals and iso. Communication with leaders is mandatory. Battlegroups are assigned.
Alliance is RedHood4Hire (RH4H). Solid friendly alliance.
RockyB239 or Mewling Quim 7 for questions


  • RockyB239RockyB239 Posts: 239
    At least 2 openings immediately available. Looking for team players.

    Add RockyB239 or Mewling Quim 7 and we will get you started.

    When you get here you will like what you see.
  • I've been a member of this alliance for a month now. It's active in all events, great communication, and awesome team work. If you have a chance to get in don't miss your chance to be here. It'll be a rare treat!
  • Sylvia14mkSylvia14mk Posts: 74
    Just had a member bail on us. A new opening. How fun!
  • Sylvia14mkSylvia14mk Posts: 74
    One opening currently.
  • Join this alliance! It's the best from top to bottom. Every player it's active and the participation gets us killer items!
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