Red Gardean Trouble

MathinaMathina Posts: 83
In the black widow: Red by dawn Quest. I've went through all levels once. I'm trying to 100% master. I'm having trouble getting 100% in chapter 3 last section. Red guardians kick eventually gets me every time. Is there an easy way to beat him other than parrying. I only parry at beginning of fight. And please don't suggest seatin.


  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 307
    Personally i found the re-parry method to be the best option, i used cap IW (4* max rank/sig.) and one-shotted him all times in master (and in UC), so i would really suggest you to use this tactic. If you don't want or like to parry though, you can rely on dexing his dash attacks and punishing his heavy/SPs: the SP1 is probably the best to heavy counter, but you can heavy counter his heavy too, just dash back when he charge it and then charge and counter with your own heavy ^_^
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  • MathinaMathina Posts: 83
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