Questions for Kabam:

You seem to be receiving a large amount of backlash regarding a number of things including, but not limited to:

Book 2: Act 1 Beta
Nodes designed specifically for champs that are coming out so that people are forced to acquire them to complete content
Stale game design
Outdated rewards
Quality of Life updates in game
A "paywall" of sorts
"Merc" issues

What kind of discussion do you have in house regarding all of this?
Do you consider it reasonable feedback?
Are you willing to share your "road-map" as a way of letting the community know what you plan on doing to fix issues?
Has the launch in China effectively slowed your production to appease the larger market?
Will you be updating champion accessibility so that your core customers are better able to compete on a higher level?
Will you be bringing skill back to the game as the critical factor in success?
Are you going to touch on any of the issues that Seatin has pointed to as his reasons for being "burnt out?"

Would be wonderful to get some feedback here as I recently reverted to a FTP player because of a number of these things and it is difficult to subscribe to something that doesn't seem to have a promising feature. This game is wonderful at its core, but there seems to be a lot of designed separation between the player-base (which is understandable), but now that you are starting to see even your biggest supporters being turned off of the game, have you decided on a fundamental shift in how you operate? Or are you treating MCOC as if it were in the final stages of its product life cycle?

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Thank you,
IGN: Chris Bosio
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