Help ranking up

Hi, I need help on who is worth ranking up more. Currently on act 4 with three chapters left to complete. My current champs I use are maxed 4* SW duped Sig 48, caiw maxed 4* duped sig20, iceman 5* R3, domino maxed 4* , quake 4* maxed, Hyperion maxed 4* Sig 67. Also have capt marvel orig 5* rank 3, nick cage Sig 20 4* r5. Starlord maxed 4* sig 55
Looking to rank more to give me something extra and versatility. Thinking of thing, Mr fantastic and invisible women for synergy, Emma frost ? Cull or promixa? Aegon and red omega but not duped yet. Massacre for domino synergy. Really confused as not got loads of gold. I do have a lot of high science and cosmic iso
But confused who is worthy of ranking more. I have 11 tier 4 basic, 4 mutant, 5 skill , 7 tech , 6 mystic and 2 science (no cosmic sadly) I have awakening gems in science and skill class for 4* and 5* .

mystic m



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    You have quite a few 5* heroes there. I personally would concentrate on them, and build a team around Ice Man. He has been my biggest asset in the Uncollected events and Act 5 fights.
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