5* champs to rank up

Who do you think is next best person to rank up? I can only do one mutant as not enough to do all. If so ice man wham half of my gold is gone, got 1 rank up for ranking to level 2 saving on T4. Currently on act 4
Synergy wise I have maxed 4* Hyperion for iceman
4* duped R3 Dr s (not high enough than others) for as
Yellow Cyclops 5* r4 duped for storm
Maxed 4* duped starlord for Ronan

Could do either iceman or 2 ??

PS I have a capt marvel original but no tt4 cosmic to rank up
Hulkbuster R1 if he gets buffed may be good???

5* champs to rank up 3 votes

Ice man rank 3
dadofdragonsEtjamaLDyoutube8440 3 votes
Storm rank 2
Rouge rank 2
Symboite supreme rank 2
Winter soldier rank 1
Yellow jacket rank 1
Ronan duped rank 1
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