Red by Dawn: I'm Having Epic trouble

MathinaMathina Posts: 83
In the Red by dawn Quest. Epic. Any secrets for the red hulk boss in chapter 1. I finally got 100% in master and went through epic once. Would like to 100% epic. I've never 100% epic before. Any Tips on red hulk crazy regeneration and other boss's in epic??


  • Tru100Tru100 Posts: 52
    You need to post your champs, and be more specific about what's giving you problems. The "crazy regeneration" node you're referring is probably "buffet," it gives a regen every 7 seconds when you trigger a buff. These come from actions like dexterity, or the champs themselves (Iceman's ice armor, Colossus' armor up, Medusa's fury, Venom's everything). So you want to avoid buffs and/or bring champs that can heal block. Void is one of many good counters, Vision, your own Red Hulk might be helpful since he doesn't generate buffs. But it really depends on your options. You can also bring in a buff champ and accept that you'll have to do an extra combo or three. Good luck.
  • MathinaMathina Posts: 83

  • MathinaMathina Posts: 83
    I run full suicides
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