6* champ complaints

why is everybody always complaining about there 6* roster . even the spenders in this game hqve alot an i mean alot of meme champs at sig 40/60 its how it is rng is walways going to get you eventually my 6* roster was awesome for the 1st 5 now i have 11 an 6 are bad an tbh im fine with tht its the game be happy with whatever comes your way because getting an awesome champ isnt the same unless you have had bad pulls .


  • Iron_SkywalkerIron_Skywalker Posts: 96
    I know right?! I started with Psylocke, Cap WWII, Red Cyclops, Doctor Strange... to Sinister and Wasp. That Cap for one was between Ghost and CMM, so I’m a bit salty, but hey, life goes on right? just accept it and go.
  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 1,443 ★★★★
    It's just like when I first started getting 5*s, I wasn't getting the good ones, but the more you are able to get, the better ones drop for you eventually. It's just that 6s don't come as quickly as 5s, therefore people expect any 6 they open should be a good one! That's RNG for ya!
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