New Arena Format for Uncollected

I know so many people complain about the scores and grinding... maybe there should be arenas for the Uncollected. They will be the same as the regular featured and basic, except you have to be uncollected. PHC shards can be replaced with Grandmaster shards.

It will create 3 tiers of arenas: Beginners, Veterans, and Uncollected.

It will allow people that are more advanced but not uncollected a better chance at ranking.... It will also have better awards for Uncollected in milestones. Just a thought.


  • VandalSavageVandalSavage Posts: 267 ★★
    As some already know, the 3 tiers already exist for arenas: beginner, intermediate, and veterans. The tiers are called "brackets".

    These are also known as under 30 days, 31 to 60 days, and 61+ days accounts where "days" refer to age of account, not activity or any other criteria.

    Suggestions to add more brackets have already been made in the past (for years actually).

    The veterans didn't like the idea of brackets in the first place as they constantly polluted the forum with complaints about how unfair it is for blah, blah weak player to win the featured hero scoring only 7 points while veteran crybaby had to score a trillion.

    In simple terms, the "veterans" viewed it as being punished for being so good. It is like saying Usain Bolt is banned from the Olympics as he can only race against runners like him.

    Moreover, the veterans use the "grinding" as a way to separate the strong from the weak. Those who lose out or those who had to sacrifice sleep (or whatever) to win will obviously complain all day and night.

    Those who win without problems won't want changes. Why would they support changes that could end their winning streak?

    In any case, what happens if a player refuses to earn the title "Uncollected"? I have someone on my friend list with a power rating of nearly 500k that hasn't earned the "Uncollected" title. So by not doing something, they get placed in a a "weaker" bracket. Those who already have that title are screwed.

    A more logical bracket/tier system is to have the player base grouped by the number of teams they can use in a specific arena. If you can only use 5 teams then you get placed in the bottom bracket. If you can use 30 teams, you get placed in the top bracket. The winner in each bracket would be the same as it is now -- those who grind the most still wins. The difference is that a 18-team player doesn't have to compete against a 30-team player anymore.

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