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Who/what to tackle next?

Hey gang,

Need advice on which champion(s) and content to focus on next. I'm currently maxing my R5 4* Doom (got so lucky there lol), and I'm finally gonna go for the Collector (completed up to 5.2.4) once he's at 5/50. I'm not a huge alliance player (burned out of grinding alliance stuff a whiiiile back), I mainly want to go for collection/completion - hence why I'm going for Uncollected, I hear the rewards even on a daily basis are significantly better. I can 100% Master monthly event quests, haven't attempted ROL or any of the Variants, and need to go for the last chapter in Road to the Labyrinth.

Here's my current 4*/5* roster, and I would just love to hear some people's thoughts on which champs to level/rank up as well as what content (non-alliance related) to pursue next in order to progress, get more champs (specifically 5*s), and have fun lol:

Please offer any advice if you have! Just a little lost on what the best path is from here. Thanks in advance everyone!


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    MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 2,133 ★★★★
    You should have enough to take the collector down now. Boost up (what else are you saving them for!)

    Take a path that gets at least 2, but ideally 3 charges on corvus, take him, Stark, quake, AA and probably doom. Don't need hulk as you'll have corvus.

    Rank ups/focus on; Stark if you can play him. Ditto quake. Doom of your 4*s, maybe switch too if you can awaken her.

    Ronin and sentinel of your other 5*s. X23 as well if you are a scrub like me and need a healer to clear lanes.

    Also, join a 3bg map 3 alliance that doesn't war, or only runs 1/2 BGs so you can opt out - war is totally NOT worth it, but AQ glory is.

    Even 20m AQ score every 8 days will get you just enough glory to get 1t5b a month ONCE you are uncollected. Such alliances do exist and as it's map 2 or 3, you only need to log in 3 times a day, tops.

    Seriously, there is no better *guaranteed* reward for the effort in the game right now, than glory, except for maybe 100% monthly UC.
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    HassamaMamaHassamaMama Posts: 119

    Rank ups/focus on; Stark if you can play him. Ditto quake. Doom of your 4*s, maybe switch too if you can awaken her.

    Ronin and sentinel of your other 5*s. X23 as well if you are a scrub like me and need a healer to clear lanes.

    First off, thanks so much! Really appreciate the advice. A few clarifying notes/questions:

    1. I think the first line I quoted is missing a character name - who were you referencing when you said "her"?

    2. I don't have any T5 Alphas so Stark Spidey is gonna stay at rank 4. Gonna try to get Quake to rank 4 sometime soon too, still working on how to best play with her (keep getting smacked after timing heavies wrong most of the time).

    3. Could you explain a bit why rank up my 5* Ronin? As I understand it he aint god tier like Sentinel, and I'm not really familiar with his character's usefulness.

    4. Besides Ronin, Sentinel, and possibly X-23, do you recommend leveling/ranking up any other of my 5*s, or should I just wait to pull god/beyond god tiers from crystals?

    5. Doom is now fully maxed! Do you recommend any other of my 4*s to rank up that could be useful in non-Alliance content?

    Additionally, is moving this thread to General Discussion allowed? Would like to get as much advice as possible. Thanks again!
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    Agent_X_zzzAgent_X_zzz Posts: 4,494 ★★★★★
    u have the roster to do uncollected do it for sure!!!
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    MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 2,133 ★★★★
    Hey @HassamaMama no probs. I'll address each one.
    1. "Switch" stand for Scarlet witch. If you can awaken her, she's the one 4* you'll still use extensively in a lot of content even once uncollected and as she's not a 5* is work focusing on. Awakened and high sig, she is immense.
    2. Practice quake and watch dork lessons on her. She will solve a lot of tricky boss problems. Stark if you can get good at building poise charges will hugely improve your game.
    3. Ronin is one of the better skill champions and has quite a bit of utility. You may not want to take him above 3/45, but it will help to have him leveled alongside gwenpool.
    4. Those 5* you mentioned are good until you get more; none of the others are worth it imo, except forspidergwen. Just be careful spending those t2a, save them for someone epic, or that you love to play.
    5. From your 4*, only Scarlet witch is kind of worth it, maybe venom if you struggle with spiderverse dodging characters. But you may be at the point where leveling more 4*, unless for variant 4, won't be worth it, as you have some of the key ones already at 5/50.
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