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I expect side quests to be fun, a getaway from repetitive monthly eqs. But what i see this month is a boring, dull and repetitive side quests. But at the same time i cant deny that rewards are quiet good as we have a clear shot on a 5* ag of our( thankfully no crystal rng shenanigans), moreover i really liked the 2* gate concept ( i know they have 1* gate in variants but 1*s are not as accessible as 2*s) this concept lets us discover the potential of champs which we dont have in our roster ( for example i really loved using my 2* thing)

But the main motive of games is not getting rewards but having fun( rewards are a part of fun). I expect not only rewards to be good, but also the path towards rewards.personnaly i really liked the deadpool boss rush, although we didnt get anything but a lousy title but atleast it was fun, as a player i would like to see content which allows us to have fun. Dont make it repetitive, dont add hundreds of paths( as in mole man expiditions), we have story quests and eqs for that repetitive exploration scheme, if side quest are no different then i dont see any logic behind having them at the first place

In a nutshell, side quest should be fun,concise, different from our regular game (story and eqs), they should be protected from repetitive exploration style because we already have it in eqs and story quests, rewards should be fair

PS: although this is not a post for this topic but i dont want to fill forums with guidlines so i decided to add it in here. See now i am not a cav. Personnely ( i am still a uc) but i feel for those who pull trash from six star nexus. How about introduction of a pool of six star crystals frm which those who have completed the quest can chose from( like we have in act1), they can choose what pool of champs they want ( we have so many champs in the game as of now that its nearly impossible to get champ we want) these crystals will be like dungeon crystals but with no trash champs ( a useable champ at worst and beyond god at best) . I thnk u get an idea about point i am trying make


  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★

    Honestly a great example of tedious but has great rewards is the mole man one
    It had rly good rewards like a legandary Crystal good chunks of 5* shards
    But it was Ssooooooooooooooooo long I couldn’t 100% it after epic just too much work
    Rng ones are also awful
    Remember the atrocity that the endgame one was?
    Yeah me neither I rather forget
    CapMM one was also great

    Thats what, if they want they can make monthly eq tedious, but they atleast keep side quests fun, that would make players go on with the game
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    I would love to hear more ideas
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
  • CaptainPollCaptainPoll Posts: 901 ★★★
    @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Miike
    Pls mearge it with general game ideas thread
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    Yeah I agree with what u said about them not being repetitive or exploration based, as well as not being reward focused (although I don’t really mind this side quest, since it’s short enough to be a 1:00 lunch break in and out).

    I would rather have a side quest where I have to think out who would work for a certain path like whatever the SQ was that had you choose two links to take down and two to leave up, so you could customize your boss fight. I loved that one since you had to go in, thoughtfully plan out who you were gonna use, then go in and try to beat it.
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    They should make new quests as well as more gold and iso 8 its more easy to get gold in marvel future fight after 5 days of playing i ended having 10 million gold
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    id like it if the side quests weren’t so repetitive and boring. make it short sweet and to the point. i don’t want to find a duel target, duel them, unlock and clear a map, go purchase something in the store to enter another map, finally open the map with rewards i’m looking for. just too many hoops to jump thru for a side event imo.
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