Looking for 4-5 Players (Map 4). Chill Adult Alliance. No donations.

Currently Map 443 and 1 BG AW.
Current alliance members prestige range from 4K -10.5K

Alliance currently consist of semi-retired guys taking a break from the more time-consuming alliances that requires higher donations running map 5/6/7.

Reach out to LINE ID: jonartargaryen


  • MoosetiptronicMoosetiptronic Posts: 1,814 ★★★★
    I'll bump you; we run a 4/4/3 alliance too, hit 104m AQ, which is 3300 glory every 8 days (alliance prestige 7,600)

    Map 4 means people only have to log in 3 ish times over the 24 hours, very few linked nodes that *have* to be taken (5 in total across map 4 are kind of a must), no donations needed, much lower energy than map 5+ and allows easy rotation of top champions out for important content; monthly EQ, variants, cavalier attempts.

    If the recent explosion of feedback struck a chord and you feel somewhat burnt out by higher map AQ and war, joining @Jonarc 's alliance, could be a good move. You still get the glory, still get decent map 5 and 6 crystals and get to progress without the stress.
  • GRiN2KGRiN2K Posts: 8
    I’m interested. I’ve 9,410 prestige and am looking for a chilled laid back alliance.
  • GFactorGFactor Posts: 16
    Hi am interested, My prestige is just over 4k, looking for a 443x5 or even 444x5!
  • Fireheart87Fireheart87 Posts: 86
    Grin2k and gfactor both of your message me on line I have what you need andy07071987
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    Update. We have 3 spots left.
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    Just one spot left.
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    Just an update. A spot opened up today. Please add me LINE: jonarctargaryen
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