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Who to Awaken and Rank

I have a 5-star mutant gem but not sure who to awaken. Omega or Namor. Only have enough sig stones to get one to lv50. Whoever I awaken will be the one who gets ranked first and I'm a bit short on resources so it will be quite a while till I can take the other up. Right now I'm focused on trying to get 100% uncollected each month and act 5 exploration.

On a separate note, who to use 4-star generic gem on, Starky or Iceman. (I have 4 skill gems in case I get Aegon or Fury if you were wondering.


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    Phillip14233Phillip14233 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Use the 4* generic on Starky.
    For the mutant generic, both are great options that will help in exploring act 5 and the uncollected monthly’s, but I’d give it to omega. He’s extremely hood for stuff in act 5 and also act 6. Go omega
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