AQ TOP 90 - Plat 3 Looking for 1-2

WHAT WE ARE: Bunch of misfits - Mostly adults with kids - that have fun playing this **** game and with each other.
WHAT WE HAVE: A solid core that allows us to get TOP 90 playing basically 6x5 with two days of map 7 on one BG and one day on another - map 7 varies every week so u would play it approximately 3 days within a whole month! Donations are as low as possible (330/37/27) and we comfortable sustain Plat 3. Plat 2...well...we try.
WHAT WE NEED: Players with At least 10.4k prestige with enough options to maintain our current status and maybe take us to the next level. We don’t expect u to join and have a entire season without dying...but we also don’t want u to die 5 times each war...winning mentality!
- Good rewards with good atmosphere requires good skills!!!

Reach out if u have any interest
Line id: jaggarj
Best of luck!!!
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