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I'm definitely thrilled that Kingpin is entering MCOC, he's a great Daredevil villian and great choice however. The Spider-man theme going on right now with the Sinister Six and Homecoming got me thinking about another villian; I kinda want to see someone like Mr.Negative be entered. He's not spoken of much but he has alot of intimidating power and abilities also another great Spider-man villian, another great choice in the future.


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    what!? no. this is just a genuine post about the character Mr.Negative.
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    Hey, maybe they could make that a tie-in for when the new ps4 spider-man game comes out, since he's the main villain (fron the looks of it)
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    Yh I've seen the latest gameplay footage, that would would be pretty awesome if they do. Talking about tie-in's I hope they can do something about MCOC and MVCI (Marvel vs Capcom Infinite).
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